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"It has always been an easy process to schedule CEU workshops at our community. Always friendly & accommodating! The presenters seem to keep participants engaged & always have good printed materials to take notes / take with them."

-Kathi Greco

Director of Sales

Brighton Gardens of Westlake

"The staff at Lakeshore were very helpful and organized. Very pleasant and I would recommend using Lakeshore!"

- Andrea Johnson

Admissions Director

Hillside Plaza

Comments from our Workshop Attendees:

"Enjoyable & fun as well as informative & eye opening."

"Great interaction with the audience."

"Very enjoyable experience with excellent content."

"Excellent program - perfectly balanced!"

"Very engaged presenter. Definitely will utilize this information in practice."

"Very enthusiastic speaker!"

"Very interactive, positive feedback and realistic methods that can utilized to promote change."

"Dynamic presenter! I have new tools to use in my work."

"So enjoyable! Light hearted & engaging! Great content and fabulous presenter!"

"The workshop was well organized in the time frame!"

"Brilliant! Very engaging, informative & professional. Excellent presenter!"

"For a usually boring topic, it was kept upbeat and fun. Presenter had an appreciated sense of humor!"

"Beneficial and informative information, very useable in multiple situation."

If you have attended or scheduled one of our workshops and would like for us to know your thoughts, click here.

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"Presenters are always on time and prepared. Staff and presenters are very professional and responsive to communication.  A pleasure to work with all staff & presenters. Quality from start to finish!"

- J. Noelle Muscatello

​Continuing Educational Program Coordinator

Cleveland State University

"The office staff is always very prompt & organized. We get a great turnout every time we host a Lakeshore workshop. The attendees rave about the presenters & topics!"

- Lauren Teschner

Marketing Director

The Welsh Home